Groupe 3 : Biocristallisation rénale, une cause émergente de la maladie rénale chronique

Team leaders : JP Haymann (PU-PH), E Letavernier (PU-PH)), D Buob (MCU-PH), S Vimont (MCU-PH), V Frochot (PH), A Girshovich (AT-AS)
Team contributors : H Colboc (PhD), E Bouderlique (PhD), E Tang

Renal biocrystallisation or nephrolithiasis is a growing public health problem in Western countries with substantial health and economic consequences, since kidney stones, mainly made of calcium oxalate, affect almost 10% of the whole population nowadays. The increase in nephrolithiasis is partially attributed to its strong association with causes of the metabolic syndrome such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes, which have also been steadily increasing. Because these metabolic disorders linked with nephrolithiasis are also risk factors for CKD, identifying an independent relationship between nephrolithiasis and CKD can be challenging. Our objective for the coming period is to identify and understand the pathophysiological mechanisms that link nephrolithiasis to CKD.