Group 4 : Targets and strategies for diagnosis and therapy of chronic kidney disease

Groupe 4 : Cibles et Stratégies pour Diagnostique et Thérapie

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Even though many aspects of the complex mechanisms orchestrating progression of renal disease have been identified, so far there is no specific treatment to slow down or prevent CKD progression. Therefore, identifying novel specific therapeutic targets and proposing more effective treatments against the progression of CKD is one of the major challenges of public health today. In the previous years, we were successful in identifying several new mediators of renal diseases having the potential to be targets for therapy. We will pursue this objective by investigating additional pathways of therapy: some, like Cx43, CB1 receptor and Sema3C, require inhibition because of their detrimental pro-inflammatory and pro-fibrotic action, whereas other, like Epac1 and podo γC, need activation because of their protective action. In addition, we are strengthening our approach by proposing innovative strategies that allow either a more efficient diagnosis or a targeted tissue-specific drug delivery.

Cette thématique de recherche est composée de 4 groupes :

Mediators of renal disease and cardiorenal type II syndrome

Group Leader :

Christos E Chadjichristos

(CRCN Inserm)


Members :

Jean-Jacques Boffa (PU-PH)

David Buob (PU-PH)

J Ni (Visiting Professor)

Emmanuel Esteve (MD, post-doc)

Louis Boutin (MD, PhD Student)

Elena Roger (PhD Student)

Safia Hadjadj (Research Engineer)

M Julien (M2 Student)

Targets of glomerular disease



Group Leaders :

Christos Chatziantoniou

(DR1 Inserm)

 Amélie Calmont (PhD, Post-doc)


Members :

Jean-Claude Dussaule (PU-PH)

David Buob (PU-PH)

Lilia Abbad (PhD, post-doc)

Rym Chalghoumi (PhD Student)

Y  Shen (PhD Student)

Cannabinoid receptors and renal fibrosis


Group Leader :

Hélène François (PU-PH)


Members :

Isabelle Brocheriou (PU-PH)

Marianne Wang (Research Engineer)

L Abbadi (M2 student)

Mediators of glomerulomephritis


Group Leader :

Khalil El-Karoui (PH)


Members :

David Buob (PU-PH)

Lisa Mélis (PhD Student)