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The general objectives of our unit are to increase knowledge about the mechanisms leading to renal diseases, to develop more effective and specific treatments, tools and approaches against progressive renal failure in order to halt the ever-increasing number of people requiring dialysis.
Our research goes beyond the borders of Nephrology because our findings can have an important impact on the general population and may contribute to unravel mechanisms of diseases affecting other organs such as autoimmune diseases, cysts formation, inflammation, fibrosis, alterations of endothelial permeability and vascular reactivity, or tumour progression.

Since the beginning the unit interacts and closely collaborates with the departments of Nephrology, Physiology and Pathology of Tenon Hospital, thus creating a 'school of excellence' of translational nephrology. Pr. Richet's concept of research, which was shared by his successors, was that the scientific objectives of biomedical research should be based on clinical observations and follow the "from bench to the bedside and vice-versa" philosophy. Thanks to this close interaction between basic and clinical research, the unit has excelled since its creation as a training center for researchers and fellows. Among them, 4 became members of the National Academy of Medicine and more than 40 are now Directors of Research or Professors of Medicine in Faculties all over France.